Who We Are

At Auto Insurance Worx, we are all about family especially since we are a family run business. Our company started in the Charlotte, NC metro area in the late 1960s as American United Insurance.

We were one of the first independent agencies in Charlotte and while most agencies were only offering limited services in personal insurance, our company was among the first to offer both personal and commercial policies through a wide range of products.

Auto Insurance Worx has come a long way since then. With our third generation now taking the reins, our continued commitment to our customers is stronger than ever. We have customers who have been with us for decades and just like them, when you walk through our doors, you’ll be treated as family.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to allow you to have piece of mind by providing quality insurance at a a fair price. We’re not here just to sell insurance, but to help you make the most informed decision based on your needs.


We feel that it is our responsibility to simplify complex policy language into information that our customers can use to save money without compromising security and peace of mind.


We consider our clients as our friends. Just as with any friend, if you can’t help them, you refer them to someone who can. If in a rare case, we are unable to provide you with a specific need, we will refer you to someone who can, even if they are our competition